Club Officers 2017-18


Club officers of the Caledonian Club of Florida West for the 2017-18 term

These are the ladies and gentlemen who have agreed to serve and were voted in at the last Annual General Meeting.  We want to express and sincere gratitude for the efforts these new officers are making on behalf of the organization.  Best wishes to all of them.

Frank MacIntire  President – Frank MacIntire

 Janice Iversen  Secretary – Janice Iversen

Al MacIlraithDirector – Al MacIlraith

Peg Tonn  Director Peg Tonn

Bill Delgarno  Director – Bill Delgarno

Sue EltonheadVice President – Sue Eltonhead


Diane KempTreasurer – Diane Kemp


Caryn Johnson  Director – Caryn Johnson

Bill Wallace  Director – Bill Wallace

Alice Flint  Director – Alice Flint